Feet first

Chiropodists, like dentists and urologists, deal with bits of you that you tend to take for granted. It must often be a thankless task; I wondered how they keep going.

Chiropody’s my line of work: I deal with people’s feet.
I’ve got some aromatic oils that leaves them smelling sweet.
I whip your shoes and socks off as soon as you arrive,
Then wash and dry between your toes to make sure I’ll survive.

The trouble is with feet, you see, they do get so neglected:
Nails too long, or shoes too tight – that’s how they get infected.
Your bunions, callouses and corns are not a pretty sight,
But when I’ve padded, cut and scraped, they start to look all right.

Some folk can seem quite grumpy and come across all gruff,
But it’s hard to wear a happy face when your feet are feeling rough.
So I take a philosophic view when working down this end:
However horrid people are, their feet are still my friend.

[Image: clipartsheep.com]
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