World-wide Wallace

A well-travelled dachshund of my acquaintance, though small of stature, has a great deal of pride.

I’m world-wandering Wallace, a hound
Who has travelled the globe, been around.
I won “Best in Breed”
Once, at Crufts! I succeed,
But I still keep my feet on the ground.

I’m a dachshund with style, d’you see –
No ‘sausage-dog’ label for me.
I learned from my Mummy
How to hold up my tummy
And be what a dachshund should be.

On my walks I’m precisely to heel,
And I guard all my friends with great zeal.
But my breed’s ancient rôles –
Chasing badgers from holes –
Are not ones I care to reveal.

Like my owners, I cannot gainsay
The urge to be up and away;
But you can still write
Through my internet site:

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[Image from – it’s not the real Wallace!]
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