Jon Richfield

Answers to questions posed by readers of the ‘Last Word’ page in New Scientist regularly appear over the name “Jon Richfield, Somerset West, South Africa”. How can one man know so much?

Who is Jon Richfield? A polymath, he.
And why’s he much cleverer and brainier than me?
No question’s too tricky, no problem’s too tough,
This fount of all knowledge knows all sort of stuff.

I’m getting suspicious: can I dare to suggest
That he taps in to Google from Somerset West?
Or is he New Scientist’s info-net nerd
Who pretends to write in to this journal’s Last Word?

So who is Jon Richfield? I haven’t a clue!
This fount of all knowledge seems too good to be true.
Yet, like Father Christmas,  if he didn’t exist,
I’m tempted to think old JR would  be missed.

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