Begin at the beginning . . .

In chapter 12 of Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland, the King of Hearts offers his Herald, the White Rabbit, such good advice that I thought it deserved expanding a little. So, risking decapitation, I have put a few extra words into the King’s mouth.

Begin,” said the King, “that’s the secret,
For nothing gets done if you don’t, see?
It’ll stay on your really-must-do list,
And finished it certainly won’t be.

“The place to begin’s the Beginning –
Don’t start in the Middle, my friend!
Then worry away at the matter
Until you arrive at the End.

“When you get to the End, my advice
Is to Stop – there’s no more to be said.
(But make sure you keep clear of the Queen,
For she’s sure to screech ‘Off with your head!’)”

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