Out of season

It’s the middle of August, and I’ve spotted Christmas cards in one of our local shops.

There are four months still to go,
Yet there’s Christmas cards on show.
They seem to turn up earlier each year.
August’s far too soon to choose ’em
(If you do, you’ll only lose ’em).
It seems as if the calendar’s gone queer.

Guy Fawkes would be confused
Seeing fireworks being used
At times removed from his November treason.
It’s the same with other goods:
Hot cross buns and Christmas puds
Are put on sale completely out of season.

It’s a question of degree;
So, although I must agree
That spreading sales will flatten out the peaks,
Weren’t these sorts of things once meant
To be linked to an event?
I think the links should not be months, but weeks.

[Image: whychristmas.com]
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